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In Merridale, semi-transparent blue ghosts are showing. The town's lifeless are reappearing, frozen of their ultimate moments of existence for all to work out, and none to disregard. The ghosts aren't the true tale the following, even though - it's people who are nonetheless alive. confronted with the deaths and tragedies in their family, and enemies, can Merridale's sanity live to tell the tale?

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Impending Doom.

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Just wondering. " "I don't know, Art. " "But circumstances ... change people, Abner. " "Sure. Things happen. You know. Things happen and you get a chance to think. " It was a lie. " "Stacy? " "Uh-huh. " "No, Abner. I don't think so. " "Too soon? " He seemed very ill-at-ease now. "You know, Abner-I mean, after your father died, and after your mother ... died, you had to have time to ... " "I guess so. Sure. " "Not very much. Not directly, at least. Nothing at all, really. It's just the parallel, I think-you get hold of something ...

He deserves to go on to better things. We hung around together for several years before he was drafted, and we did something once that was pretty lousy-we broke into a mausoleum. What did we know? We just wanted to have a little fun. We talked about it for quite a while first. We discussed it calmly and rationally, and we came to the conclusion that no one would know the difference and no one would care-least of all, the people who had been put into the mausoleum. It was nearing Halloween, so we put it off until then-we had to do the thing up right, of course.

Yes," I said, "I will. " "Good," he said, and hung up. I had wanted to tell him about Phyllis, of course, and I was sorry that I hadn't had the chance to. Then it occurred to me that it was probably better that I hadn't. After all, how was I going to tell him that his girlfriend and I were going to share his apartment? -"Hey, Art. when I got here Phyllis was here and she kind of ... " I could see myself getting stupidly tongue-tied and not knowing how in the hell to get myself out of it. In all likelihood, though, Phyllis and Art were on the outs; otherwise, he wouldn't have gotten so worked up about Stacy.

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