Respect, Pluralism, and Justice: Kantian Perspectives by Thomas E. Hill Jr. PDF

By Thomas E. Hill Jr.

ISBN-10: 0198238347

ISBN-13: 9780198238348

Appreciate, Pluralism, and Justice is a chain of essays which sketches a commonly Kantian framework for ethical deliberation, after which makes use of it to deal with very important social and political matters. Hill indicates how Kantian conception could be built to house questions about cultural variety, punishment, political violence, accountability for the results of wrongdoing, and kingdom coercion in a pluralistic society.


`displaying the readability and inventiveness for which Hill's paintings is popular ... a few first-class feedback approximately accountability and punishment, adapting Kantian strains of suggestion, and Kant himself may have learnt greatly from Hill's extra empirically expert purposes of his moral ideas.' Justin Oakley, TLS, 6 July 2001

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Dogmatism is a way of presenting a theory and its supposed applications, and this has no necessary connection with how much room the theory allows for morally permissible choice. Dogmatism and severe constraint of liberty are both distinct from an attitude of judgemental moralism. What I have in mind here is the readiness to preach self-righteously and to blame and condemn others, prejudging their values and conduct and presuming without warrant that one is in a position to see and enforce the truth about what others should be doing.

Given the way this issue is usually understood, Kant's ethics must be classified as a theory that places 'the right' prior to 'the good'. It does not start with the assumption that happiness, preference satisfaction, or any other substantive ends are intrinsically valuable, objective goods, or agent-neutral reasons to act. 29 The moral principles are not justified by the thought that they maximize, or even justly distribute, some independent good; and what they prescribe is not that one aim to produce a certain quantity or distribution of such goods.

This can be regarded in the theory both as a 11 Rawls once referred to Kant's ethics as an ethics of self-esteem, and this fits with the view I am suggesting. , G, 88 [421], 103 [436]. 13 T. C. Williams summarizes some of this controversy in The Concept of the Categorical Imperative (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1968), 22-3. ; and A. R. C. Duncan, Practical Reason and Morality (Edinburgh: Nelson, 1957). 2. Elements of a Kantian Perspective higher-order moral principle and as a general characterization of the rational commitments presupposed in moral agents.

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