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Psychedelics Encyclopedia is an engaging historic reference on psychedelics-from the LSD-25 of the 60s to the reminiscence enhancers of this day. It attracts from medical examine, own money owed, and renowned literature to rfile the houses attributed to psychedelic ingredients, their education and use, and the moving social attitudes in the direction of them during the last half-century. this can be a extraordinary sourcebook for somebody attracted to the mental, organic, physiological, and cultural elements of psychedelics. info at the background, botany, pharmacology, actual results, psychological results, types, and resources for:

The LSD relatives

Marijuana & family


Mescaline & San Pedro

Psychoactive Mushrooms

The MDA Cluster

Yage & Harmaline


Short performing Tryptamines (DMT, DET, DPT)

Other Psychoactive components

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Psychedelics Encyclopedia - download pdf or read online

Psychedelics Encyclopedia is an engaging old reference on psychedelics-from the LSD-25 of the 60s to the reminiscence enhancers of this day. It attracts from clinical study, own debts, and well known literature to record the homes attributed to psychedelic components, their practise and use, and the moving social attitudes in the direction of them over the last half-century.

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Spirituality reminds us that we are all children of God. The compelling message in the first chapters of Genesis is important to hear today: What God made is good. Guilt, shame, judgments and self-pity are the tools that compulsive and obsessive behavior uses to beat us into slavery. And it seems to be working. To believe "The Lie" that human beings have no merit or divine power in their own right is to eventually live that lie. I am reminded of a story that carries a warning, especially for the religious amongst us.

Daily we cast up a balance sheet and semi-annually we go in for a total housecleaning. Many of us felt that these practices were too time consuming and really didn't apply. We found out instead that these few minutes spent in self-examination saved us hours of suffering with our obsessions and compulsions. Making this practice a daily part of our lives makes us happier and allows us to be more kind and tolerant towards others. A spot-check inventory can be taken during the day anytime we are disturbed by anger, self-pity, resentments or a host of other character defects we have previously identified.

We reaffirm here that God's will, not ours, will be done. Step 4. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves. An inventory of our liabilities now will free up our lives later. Many of us did not realize that we were carrying so much "emotional baggage" until we thoroughly did this step. Some of us also felt that we really were defect-free except for our obsessive and compulsive behaviors. Still others said that their present anxieties and troubles were caused by the behavior of other people who should change their ways.

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