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By Shalom E. Holtz

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New translations of 50 transliterated texts for examine and lecture room use

This number of sixth-century B.C.E. Mesopotamian texts presents a close-up, usually dramatic, view of old court docket encounters laying off gentle on Neo-Babylonian felony tradition and lifestyle. as well as the felony texts, Holtz presents an advent to Neo-Babylonian social historical past, archival documents, and felony fabrics. this is often a necessary source for students drawn to the background of law.

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The present reading follows Joannès 2000a, 29, and 2000b, No. 160 (p. 117), and takes the stolen item to be a precious stone from Marḫaši (NA4 mur-ḫa-ši-tu). For discussion of the stone, see CAD M1, 280–81. Earlier readings, recorded in various entries in CAD and in Dandamaev 1984, understand the missing object to be a mill for cumin (na4ḪAR ḫa-ši-mur). 12. The word na-šá-ta can also be interpreted as a second-person verbal form and translated “you carried off” (Dandamaev 1984, 430). If this translation CHAPTER 1: PRELIMINARIES to trials 23 is correct, then Ḫašdaya, the speaker, addresses his accusation directly to Iddinaya, his brother, the suspected thief.

8. id-dan-nu mim-ma id-da-áš-šú 9.  [ta]-at-ta-pal 11. lu2mu-kin-nu mgi-mil-lu A-šú šá mNA -MU-MU 3 (1–8) On the day that a witness or an informer comes and testifies against Nuptaya daughter of Sîn-ibni (that) Nabû-tāriṣ son of Nabû-bēl-šumāti gave her silver, gold, or stone in addition to the 1 1/8 šeqels of silver about which Nuptaya said thus: “He gave them to Rīmūtu”— (8–10) Whatever he gave her she shall bring; [she] shall repay what belongs to the Lady of Uruk.  A-šú šá m ⌈dNA3⌉-EN-šú-nu A mkur-i 14.

The formulation of the oath and of the entire text, in general, provide important additional information on the history of this case, specifically regarding Libluṭ’s obligation to Marduk-nāṣir-apli. Marduk-nāṣir-apli commissioned Libluṭ’s father, Nabû-mīta-uballiṭ, to build him a bed, and the commission was recorded in a note that would have been held by Marduk-nāṣir-apli. Between that time and the time of the present document’s composition, Nabû-mīta-uballiṭ has apparently died, and Libluṭ has come into possession of the note.

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