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Again, they were successful. Yet after crossing this last rancid river, the twins soon found that their ordeal was just starting. Continuing their journey, they came to a four-way intersection. One road, called the Black Road, spoke to the twins, persuading them to follow it. Hun Hunahpu and Vucub Hunahpu did as the road told them. Eventually, they came to the throne room of Xibalba where they saw sitting figures whom, they thought, must be the Lords of Death. The twins greeted these imposing figures, but the figures did not answer.

They considered Alligator as treacherous as the boys had. So the 41 Mayan and Aztec Mythology twins planned to kill Alligator just as they had killed his father, Seven Macaw. The twins planned to catch Alligator by offering him his favorite food, crabs. They crafted a magnificent artificial crab made from prairie grass, bamboo, and stone. Then they placed it in a canyon at the base of a mountain called Meavan (mee-VAN). The twins found Alligator in the water and asked him what he was doing. Just as they had hoped, Alligator replied that he was looking for food.

They offered Two-hisleg a slice of the earth-laden bird, and he ate it and the piece of earth enthusiastically. When they finished their feast, all three got up and walked toward the enormous mountain. But the weight of the meal he had just eaten made Two-his-leg feel incredibly weak. Suddenly, he could hardly stand on his legs. In that condition, he definitely could not make a mountain crash to the ground. The Hero Twins tied Two-his-leg up with ease, knocked him down, and killed him. Two-his-leg, otherwise known as Earthquake, has been permanently buried in the ground ever since.

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