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By Kenneth Hart Green

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This can be the 1st ebook to accommodate the Jewish considered Leo Strauss.

Known basically as one of many prime modern political thinkers, this booklet unearths one other aspect of Leo Strauss--as essentially the most very important Jewish thinkers of the current century.

The writer provides the Jewish considered Leo Strauss as robust, unique, and provocative, but in addition as crucial for greedy the real personality of Strauss's proposal. His Jewish proposal could end up to be the main to the correct figuring out of his philosophic concept as an entire.

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78 He ‫״‬greatly admired‫ ״‬Franz Rosenzweig, but Strauss was not satisfied by his approach, even if he did acknowledge that ‫״‬Jewish theology was resurrected from a deep slumber‫ ״‬by him. 79 Seeking an ‫״‬enlightened Judaism,‫ ״‬Strauss was ‫״‬obliged to ascertain whether enlightenment is necessarily modem enlightenment,‫ ״‬and hence he pursued a different path in search of this 20 JEW AND PHILOSOPHER goal. 81 In his search for modem alternatives which might still be embraced, Strauss is sharply critical of what he calls the ‫״‬moderate Enlightenment‫״‬ which attempted numerous ‫״‬harmonizations‫[ ״‬Vereinbarungen] between the ‫״‬radical Enlightenment‫ ״‬and orthodoxy.

Is not knowledge of the whole,‫ ״‬but must be combined with knowledge of nature (especially as perfected in mathematical knowledge) in order to be true wisdom, nature itself seems to sustain our philosophical quest by fostering in us love or desire for that highest wisdom toward which we strive, even though it is seemingly ever unfulfilled. , the human soul or the human ‫״‬situation‫( ״‬insofar as a single essential ‫״‬situation‫ ״‬characterizes human life). It is this part which we may perhaps know about in some measure with the greatest certainty or with a greater directness of access 4 4 Classical philosophy, in the spirit of Socrates, apparently proceeds to nature from the truths which it obtains about man,- or, what it teaches about nature is both determined and limited by what it teaches about man.

In fact, according to Strauss, it was this ‫״‬dialectic" that was, in the very beginnings of philosophy, originally applied to the conflict of opinions about the good and about the whole in the diverse divine codes. 124 Therefore, Strauss (following Lessing) proceeds differently from the Enlightenment in method, and likewise moves away from it in goal, because he keeps in view the possibility of a truth which transcends all ‫״‬authoritative‫ ״‬opinions or prejudices but which is fleetingly reflected in them and to which only they first point us.

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