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Le ton du Gorgias est particulièrement violent, et pas seulement à l'égard de los angeles rhétorique. Le discussion formule une des reviews les plus radicales qui aient été adressées à los angeles démocratie athénienne, à ses valeurs dominantes et à sa politique de status. En effet, Socrate s'en prend à tous les elements de cette politique, du plus concret au plus idéologique. Mais l'essentiel de l. a. critique vise los angeles qui donne à los angeles démocratie athénienne ses principaux caractères. Or cette est l. a. même que celle qui assurait l'influence de l. a. rhétorique. Il s'agit de los angeles foule comme sujet dominant de los angeles scène politique. Le gouvernement de l. a. liberté est un gouvernement de los angeles foule, c'est-à-dire de l'illusion, du faux-semblant et de los angeles séduction. l. a. critique de l. a. rhétorique débouche donc directement sur los angeles critique los angeles démocratie.

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See Chapter 3, section V. 60. See Aristotle, EN 1102a9: the genuine politikos aims at making the citizens good. 61. Cf. the au at 501b3. 459d: “It’s likely our rulers will have to use a throng of lies and deceptions for the benefit of the ruled”). Now that both the nature of the philosophers and their way of ruling have been made clear, Socrates is hopeful that those who fiercely objected to philosophic rule will finally be able to see its value. Since it is undeniable that philosophers are lovers of that which is and of truth, and that their nature is akin to the best, the skeptics can be expected to accept that only with men such as these in charge of the city will the city and its citizens enjoy respite from ills (501d-e).

22a). 44. The nature of the daimonion is a matter of some dispute (see Vlastos 1991, 283–87; Brickhouse and Smith 1994, 190–95; McPherran 1991, 368–73; Reeve 1989, 70–73). In my view, it needn’t be thought literally to emanate from a god. It appears to be triggered either by a conflict between what Socrates is about to do and his own reasoned belief or better judgment, or by an 26 Philosophers in the Republic Interestingly, there is no hint of grandeur in any of these men—Socrates included: none of them is said to be tall, handsome, strong, charming, clever, or magnificent; and none is said to have powerful political connections.

Socrates hints that in fact the ruler is “truly of use” (te¯i ale¯theia¯i . . ophelos) (489c). 28 Philosophers in the Republic around: philosophers fall short of their potential (“in a suitable one he himself will grow more”—497a), and regimes are not “saved” (497a). C. The Natural Philosopher’s Rule Although Socrates has determined that no regime past or present has been worthy of the genuine philosophic nature, he proceeds to imagine what a good regime and the philosophers in charge of it would be like.

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