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By Philippe G. Ciarlet

ISBN-10: 9812771468

ISBN-13: 9789812771469

This publication provides the fundamental notions of differential geometry, similar to the metric tensor, the Riemann curvature tensor, the elemental varieties of a floor, covariant derivatives, and the elemental theorem of floor thought in a self-contained and available demeanour. even if the sphere is usually thought of a classical one, it has lately been rejuvenated, because of the manifold purposes the place it performs a necessary position.

The publication offers a few vital functions to shells, corresponding to the speculation of linearly and nonlinearly elastic shells, the implementation of numerical equipment for shells, and mesh iteration in finite point equipment.

This quantity might be very priceless to graduate scholars and researchers in natural and utilized arithmetic.

Contents: An advent to Differential Geometry in three (P G Ciarlet); An advent to Shell idea (P G Ciarlet & C Mardare); a few New effects and present demanding situations within the Finite point research of Shells (D Chapelle); A Differential Geometry method of Mesh new release (P Frey).

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