Defending the Undefendable by Walter Block PDF

By Walter Block

ISBN-10: 1933550171

ISBN-13: 9781933550176

Protecting the Undefendable is without doubt one of the most famed of the good defenses of victimless crimes and debatable fiscal practices, from profiteering and gouging to bribery and blackmail. besides the fact that, underneath the skin, this publication is usually an exceptional paintings of microeconomic idea that explains the workings of financial forces in daily occasions and affairs.

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One group does this on a publicly owned sidewalk or street, the other in a privately owned place such as a restaurant or shopping mall. Now, under which condition is this legal but reprehensible behavior more likely to be ended? In the public sector, it is in no businessperson’s financial interest to end the harassment. qxd 2/21/2008 12:27 PM Page 19 The Male Chauvinist Pig 19 “This is mission control—Houston advises that Astronaut Mary Ellen Wilson is 26 hours into her menstrual cycle with only occasional bursts of anger directed toward Lt.

If employees took vacations which amounted to 90 percent of the working year, “progress” would certainly falter. Should long vacations be prohibited? Hardly. In addition, the present prohibition of heroin does not eliminate access to the drug. Formerly, it was available only in the inner city ghettos; today it can be purchased on affluent suburban street corners and schoolyards. In the example of the Chinese experience with drugs, Chinese merchants were forced by gun boat “diplomacy” to accept opium.

What they experienced was what a man experiences when a woman rejects his sexual advances. The woman who refuses to date a man is not guilty of violating his rights—for his rights do not include a relationship with her. That exists as a possibility, but not a right, unless she is his slave. In the same way, a man who wishes to drink in the company of other men is not guilty of violating women’s rights. For women’s rights do not include drinking with people who do not wish to drink with them. It is only in a slave society that this is not so.

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