Rene J. Francillon's Dassault Mirage F1 PDF

By Rene J. Francillon

ISBN-10: 0942548221

ISBN-13: 9780942548228

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Navy) This F9F-BT Is shown being hoisted aboard a carrier.

It had a lengthened fuselage to allow for a second cockpit in tandem with the first, and it was armed with only two of the 20mm cannon with only 130 rounds per gun. Otherwise the aircraft was the same as the F9F-8, using the same engine, wing, and tail surfaces. Like the F9F-8, it had the in-flight refueling capability, and could carry the external fuel tanks, AIM-9 Sidewinders, and bomb load of the standard -8. Gross weight was 400 pounds above that of the -8. The F9F-8T first flew on April4, 1956, and remained in service longer than any other of the Cougar variants.

Ejection seat Foot Rest (2) 13. Aulo Pilot Emergency OU Switch (F9F-6P Only) 14. Gun Trigger Switch (F9F-6 Airplanes) Camera Trigger Switch (F9F-6P Airplanes) Handle 15. 6 Airplanes) 7. a Picture Switch (F9"F-6P Airplanes) 8. Cabin Pressure Dump Valve Control Lever 16. Horizontal Stabilizer Trim and Wing Trim 9. Cabin Pressure Regulator Control Button 10. Speed Brake Manual Override Control Handle 17. Rocket Switch (F9F-6 Airplanes) 11. 6P Airplanes) Lever 5. 6. 32 Headrest . Emergency Ejection Seat Arminj Control COUGARS IN COLOR (Grumman) F9F-7 In flight showing extended dive brakes.

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