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Milk is the one nutrition mammals produce obviously to feed their offspring. The human species is the one one who takes milk from different animals and consumes it past weaning age. Cultures of Milk contrasts the practices of the world's major milk manufacturers, India and the U.S.. In either nations, milk is taken into account to have designated features. Drawing on ethnographic and clinical stories, renowned media, and executive reviews, Andrea Wiley finds that the cultural value of milk is going well past its nutritive value.

Shifting socioeconomic and political components effect how humans understand the significance of milk and what kind of they eat. In India, the place milk is out of succeed in for lots of, intake is emerging speedily one of the city center category. yet milk ingesting is declining in the United States, regardless of the energy of the dairy undefined. Milk is certain up in discussions of nutrition shortage in India and nutrition abundance within the usa. merchandising of milk as a way to augment baby progress boosted intake in twentieth-century the USA and is at present doing an analogous in India, the place general top is low. Wiley considers how version between populations within the skill to digest lactose and concepts approximately how milk impacts digestion impact the kind of milk and milk items ate up. In India, so much milk comes from buffalo, yet cows have sacred prestige for Hindus. within the usa, cow's milk has lengthy been a privileged meals, yet is now dealing with pageant from plant-based milk.

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If milk is thought to enhance growth in height, its consumption may be encouraged by parents with this long-term goal in mind. Thus we would Introduction 23 expect milk advertisers to target children and play up the benefits of milk to growth. Indeed they do. Children have been the target of milk marketing efforts since the inception of public health discourse about the value of milk in the United States, and are front and center in efforts to bolster milk consumption in India. As children are icons for the future and onto them are projected national aspirations, enhancing their size, robustness, and intellectual skills is viewed as essential.

In this form, “a commodity that was alluring because of its very distance from the familiar would be slowly transformed into the signifier of a quotidian and very English definition of civil manners, genteel taste: the penultimate icon of civilization itself. Indeed, hidden in such consummate navigations from ‘strange’ to ‘familiar’ are the histories of empire” (Chatterjee, 2001, 21). As access to fresh milk diminished with urban migration, and dairy products were increasingly sold to the market, tea and coffee became the primary medium for milk consumption, especially for the urban poor.

We see no reason why the vending of such a drugged mixture, or merely diluted with water, is not as fraudulent and more iniquitous, than to pass pewter for silver. (Hartley, 1977 [1842], 200) Milk Consumption in the United States 37 While debates erupted about the virtues of dairy inspections and milk testing (certification) versus pasteurization, which were finally settled by pasteurization mandates, what went uncontested was the “natural” role of cow milk in the diet. Hartley repeatedly referred to cow milk an “essential” or “indispensable” part of human sustenance, asserting that “it is the best and most palatable aliment for the young; it is suited to nearly every variety of temperament and is adapted to the nourishment of the body in every age and condition” (Hartley, 1977 [1842], 75).

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