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By Kitti Carriker

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Dolls and puppets could be seen because the Freudian Uncanny, the Lacanian different, the Kristevan Abject,and The Miniature and the big of Susan Stewart. The mental implications in their production are traced via numerous centuries of literature, basically British fiction and poetry from the latter 1/2 the eighteenth century to the current, plus a few examples from American and Continental fiction.

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He wants his flawed, undisciplined, and grossly human self back again. When he reverses the spell of the magic ring and escapes from the miniature world of the pixies, he says that, had he not stepped outside of the palace "my figure shot up with such velocity that . . I certainly would have . destroyed the whole building with my new born clumsiness" (Goethe 218). If Gulliver's is the clumsiness of the dreamer approaching the dollhouse, his is the clumsiness of frantic retreat. The ideal object is Page 24 something one wants to possess, not something one wants to be.

No longer a vulnerable and edible morsel, Gulliver has become as a tiny person, a homunculus, a doll. What emerge now are the doll-like traits and qualities, which appear in Gulliver as the reader sees him from the perspective of the Brobdingnagian. Glumdalclitch gives Gulliver a name that is the Brobdingnag equivalent to nanunculus, homunceletino, and mannikin: Grildrig. What distinguishes Gulliver from ordinary dolls is that he is a living curiosity, a talking doll. " if Glumdalclitch so instructs him.

Gulliver becomes a heroic Nutcracker, valiantly wielding his sword and battling the army of two Brobdingnagian rats. He fells one of the enemy; and the other one, fearing for his life it seems, makes his escape, but not before being painfully wounded by Gulliver. Despite his new diminutive stature, Gulliver views his relatively petty accomplishments as a source of pride. His pretentious courage and bravado gradually become laughable to the Brobdingnagians, but this early exploit does elicit some mild concern.

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Created in our image: the miniature body of the doll as subject and object by Kitti Carriker

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