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By Simo Parpola, Kazuko Watanabe

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At their disposal [...... (Break) rest broken away Rev. 19, even though script, colour and other characterjstics very similar. S -~Q-a- written over an erasure. ] See copy. If, 11 See copy. 19 STATE ARCHIVES OF ASSYRIA I FIG. 8. Smnacherib's tTOOpS ORIGINAL DRAWING 1,45. destroying date-palm groves outside a southern Mesopotamian town. SE [x x] su-nu [x x x x bat-te-ba]t-Ie sa URV. 1 ...... the] men [of ...... should stay in] the village [... They should le]ave a [ ... ] moat [ar]ound the fortress, construct reed huts on this side of the moat and live there; and (this done), they should dig another moat on this side and live between the moats.

URI-a-a mo pa-ni-u sa as-pur-an-ni ma-a Iu-tu-u-ma su-u ABL 197 To the king, my lord: your servant Sin-ahhe-riba. Good health to the king, my lord! Assyria is well, the temples are well, all the king's forts are well. The king, my lord, can be glad indeed. 8 The Ukkaean has sent me (this message ): "The troops of the Urar~ian king have been utterly defeated on his expedition against the Cimmerians; eleven of his governors have been eliminated [with] their troops; his commander-in-chief and two of his governors [have been taken prisoners).

The I(ogs into ... " To no avail; [they did] not [do] any [work ... ] have rebelled [ ... ]. '--' Now then [I am writing to y]ou: your [ass]ociates are absolutely no [ ... ] people. [The gov]ernor [ ...... (Rest destroyed) i-bal-rku1-[/u](same meaning) 172:35. ROY AL LETfERS 5. These Nabateans are Yours K592 I a-bat 2 3 4 5 6 ABL 305 The king's word to Asipa: As to these Nabateans about whom you wrote, they are at your disposal. na-bat-a-a ha-an-nu-ti [sja tas-pur-an-ni ina pa·ni-ka su-nu 7 Rev.

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