Conversations With Milton H. Erickson, MD: Changing by Milton H. Erickson PDF

By Milton H. Erickson

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Those converstions came about over a 17 yr interval and have been recorded as a part of Gregory Bateson's venture on verbal exchange and therapy...specializing within the examine of Erickson's methods of fixing human beings...

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S. choice beef. You can always use words that symbolize a tremendous amount, if you are willing. A patient who came to me and launched into a diatribe, vituperative as could be, about her father, and her mother, and her brother. The longer she discussed it the more 1 realized that she couldn't possibly be talking about her father, her mother, and her brother. Then what was it she was talking about? H: You're asking me? E: Yes. What was she talking about: father, mother, and brother. Her father's god-like dictatorial ways.

H: What other things do you do when a patient takes things back? I mean, so often you find the patient will begin to move a bit and they'll take it back, or the patient will tend to assert himself and then have to apologize for it. [;J: Give me an example. II: I'm trying to think of one at the moment. All I can think of is extreme ones because I have a couple of extreme Conversations with Milton H. Erickson Headaches, Unconscious Conversation, Assertiveness patients, but it often happens with little things with patients.

H: I think she has quite a good potential for therapy. E: I think she's going to wait until he gets it before she 70 7\ takes it. H: Possibly. E: I'm treating a husband and wife. The husband knows darn well his wife needs the therapy. I know he needs the therapy, so I am talking to him about the management of his wife. His wife really wants to be managed. She's trying to force him in every conceivable way to manage her. The ways she has hit upon are to be nervous, to be underweight, to spend recklessly, to have to rest instead of washing the dishes.

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