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This can be a functional method of keep an eye on options. the writer covers history fabric on analog controllers, electronic controllers, and filters. established controllers are offered. prolonged use of PSpice (a well known circuit simulation software) is utilized in challenge fixing. The publication is usually documented with 50 desktop courses that circuit designers can use.

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Phase Margin Phase margin (PM) is a measure of the difference between the actual phase of the open loop and - 1 8 0 ° , at the frequency where the gain is 1. Larger PM implies a more stable system. PM for reasonably stable systems ranges between 35° and 95° (Franklin and Powell suggest 50° [ 1 , p. 115]). The range is so wide because the PM is affected by the system requirements, the plant and type of controller. The proper PM is determined somewhat by trial and error, as will be discussed later in this chapter.

There are at least two other ways to convert transfer functions to algorithms: parallel and cascade. Both of those methods are presented in Appendix C. The controllable form is presented here since it is the easiest to use and generally works well. Functions f o r Digital Systems D i g i t a l Integrals a n d Derivatives Digital systems cannot integrate or differentiate exactly because signals are sampled. Several useful approximations have been developed, such as Simpson's method of integration.

A slight modification eliminates this problem: n C„ = -aC . 20) or, in the ζ domain „ι±*(*^ι\ Άζ) Τ \z a < 1 . (3 21) + a) Figure 3-5 shows the phase of this differentiator for several values of a. Notice that a = 0 implies Euler's differentiation and a = 1 implies the impractical inverse trapezoidal differentiation. When a is larger, the phase is closer to the ideal 90°; unfortunately, the function is also more noisesensitive. Since the selection of a is noise dependent, it normally must be done on the working system.

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