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Throne, Prince Mustafa, the son of an earlier wife, who was a magnificent specimen of military and administo rulo after trative talent. How Hurrem Sultan set out to open a breach between Soloyman and his heir, and how finally she managed to have Prince Mustafa murdered, belongs to the domain of dramatic art rather than But she did have her son appointed to the history. Ottoman throne. It would not have mattered much if the thing had ended there, for the force and stability of the Empire depended more on the ingenious way the system was organised, and great statesmen often covered the lapses of incapable Sultans.

Such was the structure of the Ottoman State, with its rigid despotic facade and the inner nationcircles where there was freedom of conscience and cultural and communal liberty. Selim the Grim, the grandson of the Conqueror, first detected an inner weakness in the Ottoman State. like a mosaic of nations, and the Christian the design far outweighed the rest. So the of part Sultan turned his back to the west and directed his It was armies to the Moslem East. His cruel treatment of the Shiites during his Persian campaign, though partly due to his relentless nature, was also an attempt to unify Islam within itself.

They are whether, of Truth, not know And of Love". yet they then* will be another afraid lest they may voices when hear nothing but the echo of their own their hour strikes. Once in centuries these voice of a leader of souls. moans guard Then they units rejoice. hear the For it somewhere there* is a centre where a great training and mobilising fresh forces to the sacred Fortress. The twentieth century is that teacher lonely is CONFLICT OF MAST ANI>*WKST IN TURKEY 34 having in Mahatma Gandhi, the New No lonely Teacher, the needed servant of humanity.

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