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The previous 3 a long time have visible a couple of less-than-successful efforts to boost high-altitude unmanned aerial autos. In 1994, the safety complicated learn initiatives employer, together with the safety Airborne Reconnaissance place of work, initiated an attempt — exact the High-Altitude patience Unmanned Aerial car complex notion know-how Demonstrator (HAE UAV ACTD) — whose target was once to facilitate the improvement of UAVs by utilizing a brand new and cutting edge acquisition method.

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If civil wars (Chapter 4 below) were added to the list this is still more so since several were among the most costly of all (for example, the civil wars in Colombia, Vietnam, Nigeria, Cambodia and Afghanistan). Colonial and frontiers wars also need to be added to assess the total scale of war, though the cost of those was normally lower (except in Algeria). Overall both the number of wars and their cost, therefore, have increased significantly over recent years. Not only have the losses in war in this century been far greater than in all previous centuries combined: the losses in wars in the last fifty years have on average been greater than those of the previous fifty years.

There are no World Wars, nor even wars covering many states. Almost every attack in this age was launched in the expectation that it would be possible to confine the conflict within the borders of a single country; an aim which was in most cases accomplished. Each was launched on the assumption that the nation attacked would remain without assistance from elsewhere: an objective usually attained. Most were launched in the expectation that victory would be swift and sure: an objective that was sometimes eventually disappointed (as in the North Korean attack on South Korea, the Indonesian occupation of East Timor, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq's attack on Iran and the second Israeli invasion of Lebanon, for example).

Whether or not, finally, the psychological and moral costs of initiating a war are regarded as too high in relation to the psychological satisfactions in winning it is even more clearly, culturally determined, depending largely on the form and influence of the communal morality current within that culture and the types of self-justification which it makes available: whether war is seen as sinful or "glorious". To speak of assessments of costs in such a situation is not to suggest that such assessments are usually, or even often, conscious and calculated.

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