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By Jürgen Jost

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Even supposing Riemann surfaces are a time-honoured box, this ebook is novel in its vast viewpoint that systematically explores the relationship with different fields of arithmetic. it might probably function an advent to modern arithmetic as an entire because it develops historical past fabric from algebraic topology, differential geometry, the calculus of adaptations, elliptic PDE, and algebraic geometry. it's distinctive between textbooks on Riemann surfaces in together with an creation to Teichmüller conception. The analytic process is also new because it is predicated at the thought of harmonic maps. For this re-creation, the writer has improved and rewritten a number of sections to incorporate extra fabric and to enhance the presentation.

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N} ∃ j, k ∈ {1, . . , n} : i = j, i = k, j = k: ε 3 ε d(pi , pk ) < 3 ε d(pj , pk ) < . 3 d(pi , pj ) < Whenever i, j ∈ {1, . . 1. 2, any two such geodesics γi,j and γk,l intersect at most once. Namely, if there were two points q1 and q2 of intersection, then q2 would have two different preimages under expq1 , namely the two tangent vectors at the two geodesic subarcs of γi,j and γk,l from q1 to q2 ; since both these subarcs have length < ε by construction, this would contradict the local injectivity of expq1 .

In general, however, the map expp is not holomorphic. Thus, if we use exp−1 p as a local chart, we preserve only the differentiable, but not the conformal structure. For that reason, we need to investigate how our geometric expressions transform under differentiable coordinate transformations. We start with the metric. We write z = z1 + i z2, dz = dz 1 + i dz 2 , dz = dz 1 − i dz 2 . Then λ2 (z) dz dz = λ2 (z) dz 1 dz 1 + dz 2 dz 2 . e. z 1 = z 1 (x1 , x2 ), z 2 = z 2 (x1 , x2 ) the metric transforms to the form 2 λ2 (z(x)) i,j,k=1 ∂z i ∂z i dxj dxk .

The transformation γ : z → z + 1 is parabolic as it has a single fixed point on the boundary, namely ∞. 1 a + d = 2. Since also a d = 1, it follows that γ= 1b . 01 z has a single fixed point on the boundary, namely 0, and Likewise, z → z+1 is thus parabolic. e. z → λ2 z, with real λ = 1, is hyperbolic. It fixes 0 and ∞. Again, this is the typical case as by applying an automorphism of H, we may assume that the two fixed points of our hyperbolic transformation are 0 and ∞. Such a γ leaves the geodesic connected these two points, namely the imaginary axis, invariant.

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