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Colloquial Hebrew goals to educate Hebrew because it is spoken and written at the present time, providing you with a degree of competence in an effort to shuttle round and have interaction in dialog on a number subject matters in addition to having the ability to learn indicators, menus, posters and different uncomplicated written texts. each one unit comprises dialogues of daily encounters and occasions which are played within the workouts which keep on with. The Hebrew alphabet is brought from Unit 1, yet all dialogues are given in Romanized shape along the script until eventually the ultimate levels of the booklet.

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The root letters of this verb are ·-˙-Î . They convey the general meaning of something to do with writing. Notice these three root letters embedded in the words for ‘letter’ mikhtav ·˙ÎÓ and for the noun ‘writing’ ktivah ‰·È˙Î . 48 Notice also the addition of Ï for the infinitive. The table below shows how the Present tense is formed from the root letters: Root ·-˙-Î Infinitive To write li’khtov ·«˙ÎÏ ·˙«Î ‡»‰,‰˙‡,È‡ kotévet ˙·˙«Î ‡È‰,˙‡,È‡ kotvim ÌÈ·˙«Î ̉,Ì˙‡,»Á‡ kotvot ˙«·˙«Î Ô‰,Ô˙‡,»Á‡ kotev Masculine singular (I, you, he) Feminine singular (I, you, she) Masculine plural (we, you, they) Feminine plural (we, you, they) The verb has four forms in the present tense and agrees in gender and number with its subject.

In Tel Aviv is b’tel-aviv ·È·‡-Ï˙√ . Composite names such as the Sheraton Hotel are also definite, are not preceded by ‰ in Hebrew, and the prepositions √ and Ï do not change: in the Sheraton Hotel is b’malon sheraton ÔÂ˙¯÷ Ô«ÏÓ√ . 42 Some time words This evening ha’érev ·¯Ú‰ , literally means ‘the evening’. However in the context of designating a particular section of time, ‘the’ ‰ comes to mean ‘this’; hence this evening. The same construction is used for other time words: this morning ha’bóker tonight ha’láylah today ha’yom ¯˜«√‰ ‰ÏÈω ̫ȉ this week ha’shavú-a Ú»·÷‰ this month ha’khódesh this year ha’shanah ÷„«Á‰ ‰÷‰ Exercise 1 You are trying to make an appointment with a colleague and are having trouble pinning him down.

2 Hannah is planning to meet Natalie and Bill. 3 They are planning to go to the university. 4 Hannah has tickets for a Perlman concert. 5 Her mother wants to come for a visit. 6 Hannah suggests she comes at seven. :‡Ó‡ :‰Á :‡Ó‡ :‰Á :‡Ó‡ :‰Á :‡Ó‡ :‰Á 1111 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 4211 4 „«‡Ó ‰„ÚÒÓ ˙‡Ê ˙ȯϻ٫٠It’s a very popular restaurant In this unit you will learn: • • • • • • how to order a meal and talk about food more verbs in Group 1 the particle et ˙ ‡ nouns in the plural adjectives and how to use them there is/there isn’t yesh/eyn Ô È ‡ / ˘ È Dialogue 1 Peter and Maya have chosen a popular restaurant on Tel Aviv’s busy Dizengoff Street.

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