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By C. Hall Thompson



Derleth muscle mass In

Spawn of the golf green Abyss

The Will of Claude Ashur

The faded Criminal


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There were enough streetlights to more than illuminate the streets and sidewalks, but car roofs made great shadows, and if I hadn’t been looking so closely, I never would have seen her. She was nothing more than a patch of deeper darkness in the shadowed interior of a nondescript little sedan, and I might almost have missed her even in my careful sweep if the headlights of another car hadn’t momentarily shone on her face. Clenching my teeth, I strode toward the car. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do—after all, as far as I knew, she wasn’t doing anything illegal—but I was determined to get her off my back one way or another.

I could have asked Lugh about it, but we hadn’t been communicating a whole lot lately. I was having a lot of trouble sleeping, and Lugh didn’t want to disturb those hours I managed with our lucid dream conversations. “It’s none of your business why Raphael and I don’t get along,” Saul finally said, breaking the tense silence. ” Whatever it was that lay between them, it was deep-seated. “You’re both part of Lugh’s council, and I’m Lugh’s host,” I retorted. ” I tried to sound like the voice of authority, but I’m not sure I succeeded.

You can’t imagine what it’s like to experience physical sensations, even tastes and scents, when you first set foot on the Mortal Plain. ” I regarded Adam skeptically. ” Adam’s frown told me the answer was no. He hastened to explain. “Okay, so Saul’s a bit of a hedonist. ” Dominic called from the kitchen. ” Adam made a sweeping gesture toward the kitchen. ” My nose was starting to recover from the shock, so I could take in the cooking smells, and my stomach grumbled its opinion. I was halfway to the kitchen before Adam finished talking.

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