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Cisco Systems Confidential 35 Evaluation Evaluation:: MOSPF • Does not flood multicast traffic everywhere to create state, Uses LSAs and the link-state database • Protocol dependent—works only in OSPF-based networks • Significant scaling problems Dijkstra algorithm run for EVERY multicast (S,G) pair! Does not support shared-trees • Not appropriate for… Large internetworks with a large number of senders and receivers 303 1011_05F9_c3 71 © 1999, Cisco Systems, Inc. PIM Dense Mode • Protocol Independent Supports all underlying unicast routing protocols including: static, RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, IS-IS, BGP, and OSPF • Uses reverse path forwarding Floods network and prunes back based on multicast group member information • Appropriate for...

Cisco Systems Confidential 47 IP Multicast Protocol Checklist Dense Sparse Distribution Distribution DVMRP X X MOSPF X PIM-DM CBT PIM-SM 303 1011_05F9_c3 X Extensible to IDMR X ProtocolStandards Industry Efficient Independent Status Usage X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X 95 © 1999, Cisco Systems, Inc. Summary • Multicast Applications are a reality • Multicast is an End-to-End Technology • PIM-SM is the only scaleable answer today for a Multicast Interior Gateway Protocol 303 1011_05F9_c3 96 © 1999, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Dense Mode PIM Example Source A B G C D F H E I Receiver 1 Receiver 2 Receiver 3 303 1011_05F9_c3 66 © 1999, Cisco Systems, Inc. Cisco Systems Confidential 33 Dense-Mode Protocols • DVMRP Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol • PIM DM Protocol Independent Multicasting (Dense Mode) • MOSPF Multicast Open Shortest Path First 303 1011_05F9_c3 67 © 1999, Cisco Systems, Inc. DVMRP—D istance V ector DVMRP—Distance DVMRP— Vector M ulticast R outing P rotocol Multicast Routing Protocol • Unicast Protocol Dependent—requires its own RIP-like, integrated unicast routing protocol • Constructs separate distribution tree for each source/group • Uses reverse path forwarding to flood-and-prune Floods:: broadcasts packets out all outgoing interfaces on distribution tree, initially assuming every branch is part of the multicast group Prune: Eliminates tree branches without multicast group members, cutting off transmission to LANs without interested receivers, also prunes redundant non-shortest paths from any receiver to the source 303 1011_05F9_c3 68 © 1999, Cisco Systems, Inc.

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