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There are indications that a new, and somewhat larger, subsystem relevant to Pakistan may emerge: this would include Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Iran, China, the Soviet Union, and the United States. Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and the emirates of the Persian Gulf are also likely to Page 13 interact with this subsystem. Within it two loose coalitions may develop: Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, some of the Persian Gulf emirates, and China on one side; India, Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Soviet Union on the other.

Pakistani Islam has not been a barrier to the development of friendly relations between the two countries. The view that socialism is repugnant to the Islamic value system has often been overstated. It is true that justification for capitalism, and a hierarchical social order based on economic differentiation, can be found in the holy books of Islam and the works of some of the great Muslim jurists. But the same books will also support the proposition that equality of access to the means of material well-being is more congenial to the Islamic ethos.

10 Pakistanis find confirmation of their perceptions of India in the writings of some Indian social critics and analysts. In this connection, the work of Nirad C. Chaudhuri, a Bengali Hindu widely known in Pakistan, is especially worthy of notice. "11 Page 20 Chaudhuri's Pakistani readers will also endorse his analysis of the Hindu's attitude toward the Muslim. " But Hindu hatred of the Muslim goes far beyond the somewhat generalized hatred of the outsider. This is a deep-seated, far-reaching, "maniacal" hatred, beginning with the arrival of Muslim rule in India and swelling with the passage of centuries.

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