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Cataclysm 1914 brings jointly a few leftist students from a number of fields to discover the various diverse facets of the origins, trajectories and effects of the 1st global conflict. the gathering not just goals to envision the struggle itself, yet seeks to visualize the clash and all its fast effects (such because the Bolshevik Revolution and ascendency people hegemony) as a defining moment—perhaps the defining moment—in twentieth century international politics rupturing and reconstituting the ‘modern’ epoch in its many instantiations. In doing so, the gathering takes up a number of varied subject matters of curiosity to either a basic reader, these fascinated with Marxian conception and technique, and leftist and socialist histories of the conflict.

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52 This Pan-German vision was the most radical and forthright of the efforts at imagining, programmatically and consistently, how Germany might take its place among the vaunted ‘world empires’. But as international tensions began escalating in the run-up to 1914 and the arms race intensified, others found the simultaneity of overseas and landward expansionism much harder to sustain. The government in particular found itself constrained to choose one set of operative priorities over the other. The abrupt reversion in 1911–12 to the more orthodox primacy of an armaments policy based on the army, after the long dominance of the big navy policy ushered in by the proclamation of Weltpolitik in 1896, provides the most obvious context for this.

9 Ever since Hans Koch’s anthology of 1972, Volker Berghahn’s Germany and the Approach of War in 1973, and John Moses’s Politics of Illusion in 1975, each decade has seen its crop of updatings. 10 Hewitson’s careful weighing of the vast monographic scholarship in particular makes the earlier revisionisms of Gregor Schöllgen and Klaus Hildebrand look increasingly unconvincing and threadbare. 12 Primat der Innenpolitik In contrast, the project of relating the purposes and presuppositions of the decision-makers in the July Crisis to a critical and concrete history of the prevailing popular culture, ideological mood, and everyday climate of commonplace ideas of the time remains highly unfinished.

48 Fischer 1967, p. 264. 49  See Reismann-Grone and von Liebert 1905. As a twenty-eight year old, Theodor Reismann-Grone (1863–1949) had been a charter signatory of the Pan-Germans’ founding manifesto in 1891 and remained a leading voice until he broke with the leadership around Heinrich Claβ during World War i. Appointed in 1891 General Secretary of the Ruhr Mineowners’s Association, he resigned after several years to devote himself fully to the Rheinisch-Westfälische Zeitung, which he made into an organ of pro-industrial, overtly radical nationalist opinion.

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