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By V.C. Andrews

ISBN-10: 0671729403

ISBN-13: 9780671729400

Proud and gorgeous, Heaven got here again to the hills-- to upward push ultimately above her family's disgrace! As Logan's bride, she may get pleasure from now the affection she had hunted for see you later. And unfastened from her father's clutches, she could reside back in her backwoods city, a revered instructor and adored spouse. yet after a marriage journey to Boston's Farthinggale Manor and a lavish, dependent social gathering, Heaven and Logan are persuaded to stay... lured by way of Tony Tatterton's guile to reside amidst the Tatterton wealth and privilege. Then the ghosts of Heaven's earlier get up once again, writhing round her fragile happiness... threatening her useful love with scandal and jealousy, sinister passions and unsafe desires!

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And then you kissed me, but so passionately. ” I turned away from him. ” “Nothing,” I said. Then I gave him my most seductive smile. “We have some time before dinner,” I cooed flirtatiously. “To start the honeymoon,” he added, smiling widely, licentiously. “Oh, Logan, I . ” He took me into his arms and kissed me. Then he began to undress me. I closed my eyes and let the sensuality of his touch erase all my thoughts. I let myself go completely to the will of our bodies to- gether. As Logan and I moved beside each other his kisses and caresses pulled me down into a sea of tenderness.

That last day on the beach with Tony, after he told me of Troy's hideous death, a look had come into his eyes, a look that transgressed any mourning, a look of such pure desire that I knew I must stay away from him. This is why I didn't take his phone calls, why his letters piled up on my desk unanswered, why it was Pa, rather than Tony, who I wanted to be my father at the wedding. For in spite of everything, and even though I now knew he wasn't my real father, I still craved Pa's love; I already had too much of Tony's.

Now we are waking up and once again you are here, I am here with you, and I have your hand in mine. never let it go again," he vowed. A tingle traveled through my fingers laced through his, a tingle of happiness that reached my heart and set it pounding the way it had that first day we kissed, when I was only twelve years old. I wanted him to kiss me again, I wanted to be that same innocent girl again, but I wasn't. And he wasn't, either. Why, only a few months ago rumors were flying that he intended to marry Maisie Setterton.

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Casteel Family Saga 3 Fallen Hearts by V.C. Andrews

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