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According to Tzuo et al. (2011), the tendency in recent years to polarise developmental versus sociocultural or reconceptualist understandings of childhood has been unhelpful. They identify the need for a synthesis of theory. If we are to fully understand the nature of childhood, we need to draw on a variety of theoretical perspectives. Bronfenbrenner’s emphasis on development in context allows us to bridge the theoretical gaps between developmental psychology and reconceptualism, and the bioecological model provides a powerful framework through which to achieve such synthesis without losing coherence.

Do they measure quality of relationships between adults and children? Do they focus more on structural factors like cleanliness or availability of materials? Which aspects of quality do you think are most important for a good early years service? In early education in recent years, attention has increasingly moved away from methods of instruction for learning towards understanding the power of the interpersonal and the role of relationships in learning. However, Bronfenbrenner’s concept of process goes beyond the interpersonal to incorporate “progressively more complex reciprocal interaction with objects and symbols” (Bronfenbrenner and Morris, 2006, p.

If parents respond consistently and warmly, the baby learns to trust that his parent will always be there when he is in need, and secure attachment is formed. If parents fail to respond to the infant’s need, in situations such as abuse or neglect, the baby learns that adults are at best unreliable and at worst scary and develops an insecure attachment to the parent. 32 Proximal processes and relationships Of particular interest to early years practitioners is the occurrence of ‘separation anxiety’ in babies when separated from their primary caregivers.

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