New PDF release: Capitalist Sorcery: Breaking the Spell

By Isabella Stengers, Phillipe Pignarre, Andrew Goffey

ISBN-10: 0230237622

ISBN-13: 9780230237629

An English translation of La Sorcellerie Capitaliste - a passionate yet pragmatic critique in political philosophy. It diagnoses capitalism as a 'system of sorcery with no sorcerers'. Capitalism paralyses us in ways in which resembles sorcery and the ebook is worried to examine methods we would safeguard ourselves opposed to this type of method.

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God has ostriches and antelopes to care for, as well as human beings; how can Job demand all His attention? Discoveries about the size of the universe cannot support an argument either way, for we were told all along that God’s Creation was not confined to human being. Either, as the author of Job would thunder, God’s hands were quite full with the variety of forms of life on this planet, without looking for creatures on others. Alternatively, the skeptic can reply that, unlike an overworked parent, fir e f r o m h e ave n 25 the unspoken metaphor that carries the burden of this argument, God was supposed to be omnipotent.

It is just the randomness of guilt and punishment, along with the presence of good as well as evil, that creates philosophical problems. For even Bayle knew that life contains something besides vice and pain. The fact that we sometimes meet up with virtue and happiness is just what’s confusing. If all of humankind were wicked and miserable, we could conclude it to be the creation of a wicked and miserable deity, who created in his own image and for his own perverse pleasure. If the justice of such a world weren’t obviously apparent, it would be hard to find anyone who might care.

Moral evil is the crime for which natural evil is the certain and inevitable punishment. The assumption that moral and natural evils are causally linked is an assumption Leibniz never subjected to scrutiny. Modern readers may turn every page of the Theodicy with the hope that its author will address the point most in need of argument, but Leibniz held the connection between moral and natural evils to be too self-evident to warrant serious question. The complexity of his accounts of freedom does not make up for the simplicity of his account of the relations between sin and suffering.

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