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DECODE is designed as a table driven mechanism for selecting one of several subroutines wh ich carry out the functions of the LIFE progra m's KEYBOARD_INTERPRETER. Howeve r if you exami ne table 1 of LIFE Line 3 (see p. 51 of BYTE #4), you will note one conspicuous and intentional lack: There are no routines which process the interact ive graphics commands required to set up LIFE patterns on the scope display. Yet in LIFE Line 1, several special purpose keys were introduced as manual inputs for cursor motion control and data definition purposes.

And so on ... 2 . How can the human labor required for data entry be kept below that required for the manual system? Data entry is the process by which humans, through the sweat of their brows, convert data into machine readable form so that the computer can do marvelous things with it and look like a genius. Data entry is probably one of the most costly items in the operating budget of the TK I5, and certainly o ne of the most boring. Table 1 lists the tables and files needed to implement a basic version of the TKI5.

Q and C1 to 20 pF . Construction As is shown in the table accompanying figure 1, several different types of photocells are suitable for use in the light pen. The Texas Instrument (TI) type H-35 or H-38 is a very small device with a built in lens. These were originally designed for use in punched tape and card readers, thus the small size. Their size, sensitivity, and restricted field of view make them ideal for this application. The high impedance of these devices, however, makes them somewhat slow for this appl ication, particularly at low brightness levels.

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