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By Kubasch J.H.

This thesis offers large and targeted information regarding two-phase circulation in huge swimming pools, acquired from neighborhood measurements. the information supply a greater realizing of two-phase stream lower than pool scrubbing stipulations, i.e., injection of excessive ventilation charges via a unmarried nozzle into huge water swimming pools. The experiments have been performed within the context of critical twist of fate examine for complex nuclear strength plants.The pool used to be 1 m in diameter and pool depths as much as three m have been investigated. Air was once injected via a unmarried nozzle (diameters of 5,10, and 20 mm) on the backside. The stream fee was once various among 0.42 and 3.33 dmn/s. the higher restrict used to be set to reduce interactions among the two-phase move and the partitions, evidenced by way of oscillation of the whole bubble plume. accrued with out robust plume oscillations, the implications also are acceptable to swimming pools with diameters greater than 1 m.The neighborhood measurements have been played with a double optical sensor and a hot-film anemometer. Void fraction, bubble and water speed, and bubble chord size distributions have been measured. sign processing and the calibration of the sensors are mentioned within the first a part of the work.The two-phase circulation quarter within the pool used to be separated right into a sector of circulation institution (ZFE) with reference to the nozzle and a region of confirmed circulate (ZEF) additional downstream. within the ZFE, both huge person bubbles or jets have been saw on the nozzle go out, looking on the ventilation fee and the nozzle diameter. The bubble plume within the ZEF is buoyancy pushed and the preliminary momentum of the injected air performs no major function. This used to be proven through exams at consistent ventilation yet with diverse nozzle diameters: the adaptation of the void fraction and of the bubble speed alongside the pool centerline depended purely at the ventilation expense and was once virtually unaffected via the nozzle size.Void fraction, bubble and water speed radial profiles accumulated at diversified elevations supplied information regarding the growth of the bubble plume within the horizontal path. The profiles have been geared up with Gaussian curves and their greatest and width have been made up our minds. the information exhibit bubble plume contains a bubble middle and an entrained water movement quarter that expands extra than the bubble middle. The bubbles upward thrust within the entrained water circulate, and so the bubble speed is significantly larger than that of person bubbles in stagnant water. even if, the suggest relative part pace made up our minds from the bubble and water pace measurements used to be greater than that of person bubbles in stagnant water. additionally, the relative pace used to be additionally now not consistent alongside the pool diameter. the truth that the bubbles upward thrust in most cases in swarms in the course of the pool and never as unmarried bubbles may perhaps clarify those observations.Bubble chord size distributions have been geared up with log-normal distributions. the information point out that bubble breakup is dominant over bubble coalescence in a bubble plume.A semi-empirical bubble plume version was once used to explain globally the move. The version considers water entrainment, the relative part speed, and the several charges of growth of the entrained water circulation and of the bubble middle. The empirical parameters which are required for the version have been derived from the experimental info. related types are used for giant plumes in lakes relating to venting phenomena. despite the fact that, lower than pool scrubbing stipulations, the air is injected with larger momentum and the void fraction is better. The empirical parameters got within the current paintings are corresponding to the implications from different experiments regarding lake venting. For the two-phase circulate occasions studied right here, stable contract was once came upon among the experiments and version predictions. It issues out, that the bubble plume version is appropriate to explain the bubble hydrodynamics in huge swimming pools below pool scrubbing stipulations.

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