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Tl jg. Uo* I shall describeindetail how the Oetra (t6) and Jeeva (dla) should be reckonedin the padas (quarters) oti nakshatras. €$qf +qqrql *erilnqtqqri;d ETttGnrorcq q I q|f{|qtw r{nfuqt: ttQolp 60. In the first pada of Aswini, Aries is indicativc o[ Deha (body)and Sagittariusis indicativeof Jeeva(life). And the lord of the signsAries, Taurus,Gemini, Cancer,Leo, Virgo. Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius are lords of Dasas in thc aforesaidorder.. cq*t Cg t{*ql- fiqfq

O 521 Chapter 46 Dasa is of 13 r'uers. Thc balance of Dasa at birth is to be of calculatedart";;'taking into accountthe Bhayat and Bhabhog earlier. explained already the JanmaNaksharra in the manner Note:Wemaymentionhereforthebenefitofthereaders. that Bhayat (the erpired period of the stay of the Moon in the of Janma Nakshatra) an

These charts indicativeof the 12 signs are called Kala Chakra. qqftq qqerfqflri a 5Fn qfi enE\ r qfr{rqfqfil-6aei-1er}raq{|fr tn: afr

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