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The local neuronal network then communicates the inappropriate bursting pattern to networks to which it is connected, and thus the seizure spreads. Seizure Disorders and Epilepsy The symptoms or types of seizures are determined by which areas of the brain are firing abnormally. For some reason, certain regions are more susceptible to seizure activity, perhaps because these areas have a higher sensitivity to input, greater Reflex Epilepsy Reflex epilepsy is a rare form of epileptic seizure triggered by external stimulation or sometimes even by specific types of thoughts or mental activity.

Regardless of whether the stimulus is from inside or outside of the body, the final result is that migraines emerge from inflammatory processes taking place inside the brain. The vascular theory of migraine headache was proposed in the 1940s. This theory suggests that abnormalities in blood flow are the cause of migraines. Constriction of blood vessels within the brain is followed by dilation of blood vessels that results in activation of pain-sensing nerves within the vessel walls. This theory has become outdated because we now know that the changes in vascular tone observed in migraine are not sufficient to produce symptoms.

Each of these states is associated with a different phase of the electrical current of the neuron, and the sum total of the time it takes to go through this cycle determines how fast a neuron can fire. When the channel is closed, the neuron is said to be hyperpolarized; when the channel is open, sodium ions can flow through the membrane and into the neuron. If this flow of sodium into the neuron is sufficient, and a threshold is met, the neuron fires (or depolarizes). The sodium channel then closes and no sodium ions can pass into the neuron; this state is known as inactivation.

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