Blow-up theory for elliptic PDEs in Riemannian geometry by Olivier Druet PDF

By Olivier Druet

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ISBN-13: 9780691119533

Elliptic equations of serious Sobolev progress were the objective of research for many years simply because they've got proved to be of serious significance in research, geometry, and physics. The equations studied listed below are of the well known Yamabe sort. They contain Schrödinger operators at the left hand facet and a serious nonlinearity at the correct hand part.

an important improvement within the examine of such equations happened within the Nineteen Eighties. It was once came upon that the series splits right into a answer of the restrict equation--a finite sum of bubbles--and a relaxation that converges strongly to 0 within the Sobolev house together with sq. integrable capabilities whose gradient is usually sq. integrable. This splitting is called the quintessential concept for blow-up. during this ebook, the authors advance the pointwise concept for blow-up. They introduce new principles and techniques that bring about sharp pointwise estimates. those estimates have vital purposes whilst facing sharp consistent difficulties (a case the place the strength is minimum) and compactness effects (a case the place the strength is arbitrarily large). The authors rigorously and punctiliously describe pointwise habit whilst the power is unfair.

meant to be as self-contained as attainable, this available publication will curiosity graduate scholars and researchers in more than a few mathematical fields.

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Summarizing, we are left in the proof of step 2 with the proof that (ˆ uα ) is a PalaisSmale sequence for Ig . Let ϕ ∈ C ∞ (M ). 7), and the Sobolev embedding theorem, h∞ u0 ϕdvg + o hα uα ϕdvg = M ϕ M . 9) H12 where uα + u0 |2 Ψα = |ˆ −2 (ˆ uα + u0 ) − |ˆ uα |2 −2 u ˆα − |u0 |2 −2 0 u . Here again, it is easily checked that there exists C > 0, independent of α, such that |ˆ uα |2 |Ψα ϕ|dvg ≤ C M −2 |u0 ||ϕ|dvg + C |u0 |2 M −2 |ˆ uα ||ϕ|dvg . M From H¨older’s inequalities we then get that |Ψα ϕ|dvg M |ˆ uα |2 ≤C −2 0 u 2 /(2 −1) + |ˆ u0 |2 −2 |ˆ u0 |2 −2 u ˆα 2 /(2 −1) ϕ 2 while basic integration theory gives that |ˆ uα |2 −2 0 u 2 /(2 −1) = o(1) and u ˆα 2 /(2 −1) = o(1) .

It follows that, if |z| + r < ig Rα , then Bz (r) |∇˜ uα |2 dvg˜α = −1 expxα (Rα Bz (r)) |∇ˆ uα |2 dvg . 3) When |z| + r < r0 Rα , −1 Bz (r) ⊂ Bexpx expxα Rα α −1 (Rα z) while −1 −1 expxα Rα B0 (C0 r) = Bxα C0 rRα . 4) C0 rt−1 0 ≥ 1. Then, for any λ ∈ (0, λ0 ), to Given r ∈ (0, r0 ), we fix t0 such that −1 = tα . 5) B0 (C0 r) |∇˜ uα |2 dvg˜α = λ . 6) for all u ∈ D12 (Rn ) such that suppu ⊂ B0 (δR). 7) C1 Rn Rn Rn for all u ∈ L1 (Rn ) such that suppu ⊂ B0 (δR). We let η˜ ∈ C0∞ (Rn ) be a cutoff function such that 0 ≤ η˜ ≤ 1, η˜ = 1 in B0 (1/4), and η˜ = 0 in Rn \B0 (3/4).

I , i = 1, . . , N , be open subsets of M such that for any If not we let Ωi and Ω ˜ i , and such that M = ∪Ωi . The canonical ˜ i, Ωi is parallelizable and Ωi ⊂ Ω exponential map gives N maps expx defined in Ωi × Rn , and expx is, depending on the situation, one of these maps. A property of expx that holds for any x ∈ M should then be regarded as a property that holds for any i and any x ∈ Ωi . 2). Roughly speaking, the Struwe result [73] we prove in this section is that, if (uα ) is a Palais-Smale sequence for (Eα ), then, in the H12 -sense, uα = solution of the limit equation + sum of bubbles with the additional property that the energies split also.

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