Blood, Bread, and Roses: How Menstruation Created the World by Judy Grahn PDF

By Judy Grahn

ISBN-10: 0807075051

ISBN-13: 9780807075050

"Blood, Bread, and Roses" reclaims women's myths and tales, chronicling the ways that women's activities and the instructing of fable have interacted over the millenia. Grahn argues that tradition has been a weaving among the genders, a sharing of knowledge derived from menstruation. Her wealthy interpretations of historic menstrual rites provide us a brand new and hopeful tale of culture's beginnings in response to the mixing of physique, brain, and spirit present in women's traditions. "Blood, Bread, and Roses" deals we all a fashion again to figuring out the real which means of women's menstraul power.Foreword through Charlene Spretnak"[Grahn's] fascinating day trip via folklore, delusion, faith, anthropology and background bespeaks a feminist conviction that male starting place tales has to be balanced through a acceptance of women's crucial function in shaping civilization." -Publishers Weekly

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Occasionally the common names helped me determine the identification of the plant and provided confirmation of another record. Accuracy in recording the information was of great importance, but one could never be sure how much imagination or misrepresentation was involved. Though I never felt I was told a deliberate untruth, there was never a guarantee that what I was told was accurate. I was always pleased when a group of tribal people would gather around as I worked. One or two people would be the primary informant to whom I would direct questions.

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