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Dag, dâ, Tkm. dâg 18 Population statistics for the Soviet Turkic peoples are based on the 1979 census. See Akiner, Islamic Peoples or Wixman, Peoples. Slightly different estimates are found in Bennigsen, Wimbush, Mnslims, pp. 50-51. 19 For Chinese forms, 1 have generally employed the Wade-Giles system more widely used in Western Sinological literature dealing witb Inner Asia. 1 have indicated toponyms according to the Pin-yin system of romanization, which is now being popularized by the press, in brackets.

105 considers it a separate branch ofTurkic. This view bas not found uni versai acceptance, many scholars viewing it as close to Azarbâyjânî, cf. Kakuk, Mai tôrôk, pp. 37-38. TIJRKIC LANGUAGES 22 -g > 0/y Loss of gutterals in suffix anlaut t >d k>g *(l > y. s,z > Tkm. p,(l Modem Populations :the Turks of Turkey: 85% of the population of Turkey (56,969,109 in 1990) is considered ethnically Turkish. The Gagauz of the USSR (largely in the Moldavian SSR) : 173,179. 8% of the population of Iran (49,930,000 in 1987).

This incomplete listing also bas omitted a number of languages of which only fragments remain and whose classification within lndo-European is un certain. At present Turkic is in direct contact with the Iranian, Armenian, Greek, Albanian and Slavic (especially Eastern and Southern Slavic) branches of lndo-European. The nature of the interaction between Turkic (in particular its Oguz and Q1pcaq branches) and Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Albanian, Greek, Armenian, Persian, Kurdish, Talysb and Tat bas been particularly intense.

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