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Evaluate: The lifestyles And occasions Of The Stuarts makes a speciality of a nation-defining interval of British background that's each piece as mesmerizing, dramatic and pivotal as that of Henry VIII and co. BBC heritage journal now turns its realization from the tale Of The Tudors to the seismic alterations that happened in the British Isles through the Stuart rule among 1603 and 1714.

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This is not to say that Charles’s initiatives did not provoke opposition. But his policies had their logic. The king set out to confront problems that needed to be addressed and both his diagnoses and his proposed solutions seemed not unreasonable at the time. All heads of government who embark on a policy of radical reform are bound to ruffle some feathers – James VI and I The Life And Times Of The Stuarts BRIDGEMAN IMAGES “When Charles succeeded his father, James VI and I, in 1625, there was general rejoicing everywhere, for ‘the uncertainties of the late rule had wearied all men’” BRIDGEMAN IMAGES Parliamentarians and royalists come to blows in 1648’s battle of Preston, a Civil War clash that ended in defeat for Charles’s forces The Life And Times Of The Stuarts 41 Charles I / History’s verdict Charles failed to let others take the blame when things went wrong – a trait we might find admirable today, but which was disastrous in a personal monarchy, when the conventional wisdom was that “if any thing be done, not justifiable, or unfit to be allowed,” kings were “to lay the blame upon the minister”.

He called them “little thieves” that stole his money. He became obsessed with collecting news. This was presented to the public in the form of cheap pamphlets that were very readable in eight to 16 pages, and costing a penny or two each. Fears of terrorism in London Throughout the winter of 1641, London was on red alert. Almost daily there were rumours of “gunpowder plotters” and fires set by Catholics. These stories were founded on the idea of terror rather than on any evidence, but they show how fearful people were of a Catholic take-over.

Charles felt that, since parliament had pressed for war against Spain, they had an obligation to fund it properly. Yet, as the conflict went badly – and England simultaneously got sucked into hostilities with Catholic France – parliament demanded the impeachment of the king’s leading minister, the Duke of Buckingham, before it would vote further taxation. Charles opted to stand by his favourite and tried to raise the money by means of a forced loan. Politically, this proved a costly move, for it led to parliament’s Petition of Right of 1628, condemning arbitrary taxation.

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