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By S.P. Novikov, A.T. Fomenko

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4. Surgery. Let us describe how we extend a Ricci flow with surgery satisfying all the conditions listed above and becoming singular at time T < ∞. Fix T − < T so that there are no surgery times in the interval [T − , T ). Then we can use the Ricci flow to identify all the time-slices Mt for t ∈ [T − , T ), and hence view this part of the Ricci flow with surgery as an ordinary Ricci flow. Because of the canonical neighborhood assumption, there is an open subset Ω ⊂ MT − on which the curvature stays bounded as t → T .

This contradicts the assumption that none of these points has a canonical neighborhood. The other possibility is that one can take a partial smooth limit but that this limit does not extend all the way back to −∞. The only way this can happen is if there are surgery caps that prevent extending the limit back to −∞. This means that the base points in our sequence are all within a fixed distance and time (after the rescaling) of a surgery region. But in this case results from the nature of the standard solution show that if we have taken δ > 0 sufficiently small, then the base points have canonical neighborhoods modeled on the canonical neighborhoods in the standard solution, again contradicting our assumption that none of the base points has a canonical neighborhood.

Also, in local coordinates we have Hess(f )ij = ∂i ∂j f − (∂k f )Γkij . 2. CURVATURE OF A RIEMANNIAN MANIFOLD 5 Proof. The proof of symmetry is direct from the torsion-free assumption: Hess(f )(X, Y ) − Hess(f )(Y, X) = [X, Y ](f ) − (∇X Y − ∇Y X)(f ) = 0. The fact that Hess(f ) is a tensor is also established by direct computation. 3) = X(Y (f )) − ∇X Y (f ) = Hess(f )(X, Y ). Since df = (∂r f )dxr and ∇(dxk ) = −Γkij dxi ⊗ dxj , it follows that ∇(df ) = ∂i ∂j f − (∂k f )Γkij dxi ⊗ dxj . It is direct from the definition that Hess(f )ij = Hess(f )(∂i , ∂j ) = ∂i ∂j f − (∂k f )Γkij .

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