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By H. Cotton D.Sc. (auth.)

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E. Then the switch is closed and the resistance reduced in steps, the ammeter and voltmeter being read at each step. THE ELECTRIC CURRENT a, £=1·47 1·4 -r- r-- r-- 1-- I ~ ~- I 1·0 / 1·6V I·OA 1/ -- -- -- ~ ~"-..... Vt25V ............ 0·79A ........ 4 Voltage characteristic of a Leclanche cell. With a primary cell like a Daniell cell the external resistance can be reduced to its lowest value, but if the cell is a secondary cell it is advisable to include a fixed resistor R of such value that, even with Rh completely cut out, there is no danger of a dangerously large current.

D. of V1 corresponds to a current of / 1 • Consequently this line represents a resistance of R 1 = V1 / 11 ohms. d. and current are V2 and / 2 respectively. d. 6 Q. 6 V. 6 V, t A), point Q, and draw the line OQ. 6 n. d. 25 V and the current will be 0. 79 A. The Inverse Square Law Again We are now in a position to investigate the units for the entities discussed in chapter 3. T "o where "o is a constant called the electric space constant. 5. Two positively charged particles (called a particles) each have a charge of twice that of the electron.

What is the force acting on an electron in the space between the plates and what is its direction? 6 X 10-19 C :. 2 X 10-15 N The direction of the force is from negative to positive plate along a line perpendicular to the planes of the plates. 7. 6? 1 X IQ- 31 The beginner may find some of the electrical units difficult to understand. There could be no physical science without an adequate system of units and therefore there can be no understanding of a physical science without a knowledge of its units.

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