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Barbarians opposed to Rome КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Издательство: Osprey Publishing LtdСерия: HistoryАвтор(ы): Peter Wilcox, Rafael TrevinoЯзык: EnglishГод издания: 2002Количество страниц: 146ISBN: 1-84176-045-5Формат: pdf OCR OGONРазмер: 33.3 mb RAPIDили IFOLDER eighty five

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D. H1 and H 3 are representative of the elite German regiments known as Auxilia Palatina (Palace Auxiliaries), raised by Constantine the Great; H 2 is a guardsman of the Emperor's German bodyguard—Germani Corporis Custodes—and is dressed for palace duty. In general clothing of the period seems to have been well decorated: civilian fashion inside the Empire had followed the barbarian taste for decorative embroidery and applique-work, and evidence for highly decorative military clothing may be found on late Roman mosaics, bas-reliefs, plates and manuscripts.

The Sarmatians had perfected their use, which had enabled them to defeat the Royal Scythians and move into control of their territory. The Goths seem to have overthrown the Sarmatians by their ferocity in battle, probably hamstringing the horses (a German tactic). Thus, equipped with a heavy cavalry force to support the masses of traditional infantry, they faced the Roman army of the 3rd century, which was now composed largely of Germans, Illyrians and North Africans. In the mid-3rd century Goths broke into the Balkans, killing the Emperor Decius (Hostilianus).

These burials, the so-called 'Mound Warriors', were from an intrusive warlike group which reached Denmark; they probably included proto-Celtic chieftains. Beginning of an insular La Tene art style in Britain. Gauls invade Macedon, Greece and Thrace. Three tribes cross the Hellespont into central Anatolia, which becomes Galatia. 274 BC Gallic warriors in Greek, Egyptian and other armies of the near East. 264-241 BC Celtic warriors involved in the First Punic War. 240 BC Attalos defeats the Gauls ('Galatians') of Asia Minor.

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