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The Jews of historic Babylonia left their mark at the heritage at the Jewish humans greater than these of the other nation within the Diaspora. throughout the Sassanian interval Babylonia steadily outmoded Eretz Israel because the prime Jewish centre. The Babylonian Talmud proven the lifestyle not just of the Jews of Babylonia within the interval during which it was once produced; greater than the other paintings it formed the complete Jewish humans, its considering, its lifestyle, its dating with the realm round, its legislations and principles during the ages.A finished remedy proposing "western" facts including that of talmudic literature, hoewever, has previously been unavailable. the combo might help to advertise a greater realizing of the combined tradition involved. The research offers a handy complitaion of fabric that's generally scattered.

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Qiddushin 71b nas Vsrnen VapaVirn s i p s ns> nas an ,s3'n is nnaa b^sb . . bn 2 s n p n n» ' . s a r n m a s s n» nas unr 'am , m a m antra T » H o w far does Babylonia extend? . On the upper Euphrates, how far? R a v said, T o Aqra da-Tulbanqe; 1 2 and Samuel said, T o Gisra da-Be P a r a t ; and Rabbi Yohanan said, To the Gizma crossing. 2. 'one . . since Rabbah b . Bar Hana said, Rabbi Yohanan said: I have myself seen the flow o f milk and honey o f the whole land o f Israel, and ft is as from Be K u b e to Aqra da-Tulbanqe, [which area is] twenty-two parasangs in length and fn width six parasangs.

V. " The fact that there was a canal called Nahr Maisan 17 1 2 18 1 8 20 1 — 35 — Apamea the talmudic description of the southeastern border o f Babylonia for genealog­ ical purposes reaching on the Tigris up to the two Apameas, and of one Apa­ mea distinguishable from the other b y its Mesenean speech, is authentic also in regard to the Mesene. Sassanian administrative borders between Babylonia BEER, Rashut ha-Golah ( 1 9 7 0 ) , pp. 2 3 - 2 4 BERLINER, Beitrdge ( 1 8 8 3 ) , pp. 24-25 F U N K , Juden ( 1 9 0 2 - 1 9 0 8 ) , vol.

C . 36 3 7 A t various places in the city Jewish incantation bowls have been found in Parthian and later layers. Other small finds are published b y Wetzel et al. in the volume on Babylon after the neo-Babylonian period. cit. (in n. 19), pp. 24-25, PI. 13; 23c, d; 31; 32; 33b, c; 34. , pp. 25-27; PI. 12; 24c; 27f. , pp. ; PI. 14. , pp. 31-32; PI. 15; 25. , p. ; PI. 24d; 25b, c. , pp. 3-22; PI. 2-1 l b . Layard, Discoveries in the Ruins of Nineveh and Babylon, pp. 509-526 (six complete bowls and fragments of others, with drawings, transcription and English translation).

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