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For purposes of low-level AD planning, the en air threat may be divided into the fol categories: a. Fighter-bombers. Fighter-bombers are used to atk all types of military tgts such as airfields, bridges, buildings, C2 facilities, vehs, wpn systems, and pers. The basic fighting unit is two ac, although formations of four ac are normal. Much larger formations (24 ac or more) may be employed to atk large, fixed tgts such as airfields. Fighter-bombers normally use high approach/atk speeds (up to 300 m/s) combined with very low-level atk profiles (30 m+) AGL to compound the AD problem.

Number KIA, WIA, or PW; g. condition of ac; h. condition of cargo; and i. misc. 22 - AIRSPACE CONTROL ORDER 1. Format as per APP 9, part 5. 2. Example: SECURITY CLASSIFICATION (when completed) 1. Fm: (reporting unit/formation HQ) 2. To: (appropriate formation HQ) 3. ACO no: (three figures) 4. Valid from ________________ to _______________ a. (air rtes); b. (transit corridors); c. (traverse levels); d. (LLTRs); 8-48 B-GL-332-005/FP-001 e. f. g. h. i. j. k. (special corridors); (HIDACZ); (WFZ); (BDZ); (ROZ); (remarks); and (amendments).

2) Terrain. Natural or man-made obstacles may prevent or inhibit a plt from using the most survivable or effective atk B-GL-332-005/FP-001 direction. Terrain may tend to channel fighter-bombers into flying higher or employing higher atk dive angles. (3) Weather. Since tgt data may be incomplete, marginal weather and decreased visibility will impact on fixed wing atk ops more than in the case of a fixed tgt. 4. Typical Fighter-bomber Atk Profiles. The specific atk profile employed by fixed-wing grd atk ac will be determined by a combination of many variables.

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