Download e-book for iPad: Autumn Nightmares (Changeling the Lost) by Jess Hartley, Matthew McFarland, Travis Stout, Chuck Wendig

By Jess Hartley, Matthew McFarland, Travis Stout, Chuck Wendig

ISBN-10: 1588465314

ISBN-13: 9781588465313

"A Chronicle booklet, a big variety of antagonists for any chronicl. accelerated info at the precise Fae who rule in Arcadia or were banished to the mortal international"

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Shuck himself will fight to the end, and while he might not be a match for an entire motley on his own, he’s quite adept at sowing fear and dissent and striking at their heels while his motley harries his opponents. Shuck and his crew are excellent “bogeyman” antagonists. Consider setting up rumors or news reports of people going missing along a stretch of rural road outside the freehold a few sessions before debuting Shuck as the villain. Use the dilapidated farmhouse and its weird air to instill a sense of dread, and then ambush the players with a brutal assault by Shuck and his motley.

Politicians love charity, after all. If a motley tries to expose her plan, she is more than willing to call in every favor and boon she can to marginalize and discredit the members. Seeming: Wizened Kith: Châtelaine Court: Spring Entitlements: None Mental Attributes: Intelligence 4, Wits 2, Resolve 2 Physical Attributes: Strength 1, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2 Social Attributes: Presence 4, Manipulation 5, Composure 2 Mental Skills: Academics (Finance) 3, Crafts 2, Investigation 1, Occult 2, Politics (High Society) 3 Physical Skills: Drive 1, Firearms (Pistols) 2, Stealth (Going Unnoticed) 1 Social Skills: Empathy 3, Intimidation (Veiled Barbs) 2, Persuasion 4, Socialize 3, Subterfuge 1 Merits: Allies (Local Politics) 4, Allies (High Society) 3, Court Goodwill (Summer) 2, Court Goodwill (Autumn) 3, Court Goodwill (Winter) 1, Mantle 2, Resources 3, Retainer 2, Status (Charity Organizations) 2 Willpower: 4 Clarity: 6 Virtue: Charity Vice: Pride Initiative: 5 Defense: 2 Speed: 9 Health: 7 Wyrd: 2 Contracts: Artifice •••, Dream •••, Eternal Spring ••••, Fleeting Spring •• Pledges: Commendation, Motley Oath, Ancient Pact, Reaper’s Pledge Glamour/per Turn: 11/2 Weapons/Attacks: Damage Range Dice Pool Special Type Brawl 0(B) — Chance — Light Revolver 2(L) 20/40/80 6 — The Bloody Nail Some bridge-burner groups are mostly harmless eccentrics — the changeling equivalent of people who believe the Earth is flat or that the power of the pyramid can give them a longer life and a bigger penis.

Depending upon how well the characters deal with her assault, and how merciful they are, she might be in a position to extend an offer of membership. Alternately, one or more of the characters might fall under suspicion of collaboration with the Gentry, in which case they will see a very different side of the Knife-Dancer. The Dancer might even be the catalyst that pushes the characters into discovering the existence of the Doves. Perhaps a prophetic dream hints at a hidden threat lurking within the freehold, or perhaps the murder of a prominent courtier leads the characters on an investigation.

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