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By Vivian Capel

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Now in its third version, a concise selection of sensible information for these engaged on, or attracted to, sound structures. up to date all through to hide the most recent know-how and defense rules

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56 Stylus tracking For distortionless translation of the groove modulations into electrical signals, the reproducing stylus should follow exactly the same path at the same angle as the recording cutter. A number of factors make this ideal unattainable in practice. Stylus skew If the major axis of an elliptical stylus is not in perfect line with the disc radius, one side will be slightly ahead of the other in the groove. Spurious phase differences between channels will thus result, so degrading the stereo image.

Output variation with angle of incidence Θ at maximum directivity is: (l+cos0) Λ COS0 Noise-cancelling microphones These are usually used for announcements in areas of very high ambient noise. They consist of two cardioid or hypercardioid units spaced a few inches apart and connected in antiphase. Speech is directed at one of the units but is also picked up by the other, so producing some cancellation. As the sound pressure is greater at the first unit, cancellation is only partial. Ambient sound coming from some distance affects both units equally and so is completely cancelled.

Gun/Interference tube An open-ended tube having a series of holes or slots along one side is mounted in front of a cardioid microphone. Front propagated sound waves enter the end of the tube and also the holes; all reach the diaphragm at the same time as all paths are of equal length. When waves come from the side, those which enter the end of the tube follow a longer path than those entering the holes. Thus a delay and phase difference occurs. When the paths are half a wavelength different, cancellation takes place.

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