Assyria from the Rise of the Empire to the Fall of Nineveh by Zénaïde Alexeïevna Ragozin PDF

By Zénaïde Alexeïevna Ragozin

ISBN-10: 1402157428

ISBN-13: 9781402157424

This Elibron Classics booklet is a facsimile reprint of a 1888 variation by means of T. Fisher Unwin, London.

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But absolute seclusion is unnatural and an im- possibility, as well for nations as for individuals, and the Egyptians had to open grudgingly, ungra- ciously, but still to open at least one corner of their sacred land to their Canaanitic and Semitic neighbors the north-east corner by the sea, which, moreover, would have been difficult to close against stray wanderers from the desert coming across the sandy wilderness of the Sinai peninsula, since, on that side, Egypt has absolutely no natural barrier or That district, then, rendered very ferprotection.

Chronicles, xiv. 10, (i 6. ). Further, the Assyrian kings, more than usually when they inflict on their captives, be they individuals or nations, are wont to justify it cruel treatment their religious zeal, nay, to glory in the thoroughness with which they fulfil what they represent as the direct commands of Asshur and the gods of by " against me," says the often-quoted Asshurbanipal of the people of Accad, Assyria. " As to the " those men who utrebels in Accad, he boasts that tered curses against Asshur, my god, and devised of evil against tongues I me, the prince, pulled out " (a his worshipper, their common form of torture THE RISE OF ASSHUR.

Repeatedly overran the immense region between the Nile and the Euphrates not twice or ents to three times, but fourteen times in seventeen years. Egypt was just appearing on the world's stage in the character of an invader and conqueror, and, though a very old nation, the part she played so was new to her. The Egyptians, from brilliantly their remotest antiquity (and that, as we saw,* takes us back quite or nearly as far as the antiquity of Chaldea), had always dwelt secluded in their won- derful Nile-valley.

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Assyria from the Rise of the Empire to the Fall of Nineveh by Zénaïde Alexeïevna Ragozin

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