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• four • Bummed Out and unpleasant at the Occassion of Philip ok. Dick's Birthday • [Asimov's Editorials] • (2013) • essay by means of Alice Sola Kim
• 7 • one other Transition • [Reflections] • essay by means of Robert Silverberg
• 10 • It's an Honor simply to Be Nominated • [On the internet] • essay by means of James Patrick Kelly
• 14 • Shatterdown • novelette through Suzanne Palmer
• 27 • The thinker Duck • shortstory via Kara Dalkey
• 32 • Ormonde and Chase • shortstory through Ian Creasey
• forty-one • a piece in development • poem by way of G. O. Clark
• forty-one •  A paintings in development • inside paintings by way of uncredited
• forty two • there has been No Sound of Thunder • novelette by means of David Erik Nelson
• sixty one • Phantom Limb • poem through Robert Frazier
• sixty one •  Phantom Limb • inside paintings via uncredited
• sixty two • The Finges Clearing • shortstory by means of Sylvain Jouty
• sixty five • The Turkey Raptor • shortstory through James Van Pelt
• seventy three • Tea Rex • poem by means of Robert Borski
• seventy three •  Tea Rex • inside art by means of uncredited
• seventy four • Sidewalk at 12:10 P.M. • shortstory via Nancy Kress
• seventy nine • South of ounces • poem by way of Jane Yolen
• seventy nine •  South of oz. • inside art through uncredited
• eighty • homicide within the Cathedral • [Orphan] • novelette by means of Lavie Tidhar
• 106 • subsequent factor (Asimov's, June 2014) • essay by way of uncredited
• 107 • On Books (Asimov's, June 2014) • [On Books] • essay via Peter Heck [as by way of Peter J. Heck ]
• 107 •   assessment: Neptune's Brood via Charles Stross • evaluation by way of Peter Heck [as via Peter J. Heck ]
• 107 •   evaluate: within the corporation of Thieves via Kage Baker • evaluation by means of Peter Heck [as by way of Peter J. Heck ]
• 108 •   evaluate: The Village Sang to the ocean: A Memoir of Magic through Bruce McAllister • evaluation through Peter Heck [as by way of Peter J. Heck ]
• 109 •   assessment: kids of fireplace via Drew Karpyshyn • assessment via Peter Heck [as through Peter J. Heck ]
• one hundred ten •   assessment: Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs through Mike Resnick and Robert T. Garcia • evaluate through Peter Heck [as by means of Peter J. Heck ]
• a hundred and ten •   overview: The Ape-Man's Brother via Joe R. Lansdale • assessment via Peter Heck [as via Peter J. Heck ]
• 112 • SF traditional Calendar (Asimov's, June 2014) • essay by means of Erwin S. Straus

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Plus you sound like a lunatic if you try to tell anyone. ” I was literally speechless. ” “You blow shit up. People get hurt. You’re terrorists. If you used kittens and balloons to distract cops from acquiescing to corporate hegemony, or whatever, I’d call you sweethearts. But you don’t.

It was excellent exercise. We tore the politicians apart, and scythed off their heads. Then we built a fire to dispose of the debris. The cabinet ministers’ faces contorted and blackened as the flames consumed them. The cleansing smoke dispersed the stench of corruption. Ormonde and Chase 35 June 2014 While the government burned, we sat around drinking tea. I received a few unfriendly glances and harsh words, to which I responded by explaining that I’d never intended our plants to escape into the wild.

32 Ian Creasey Asimov’s I tried not to sound like I was blaming her, but inside I was thinking, Why are you so ungrateful? I gave you everything you wanted, and you’re screwing it up. Harriet shook her head. “It used to be art. Now it’s just a production line. People keep requesting commissions, and they all want the same things. It’s always their relatives, or their pets. They all want the same few plants: roses or tulips or dogwood. They all want to be beautiful and colorful in exactly the same ways.

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