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9 Source: FAO. Fishery Statistics. Yearbook of Fishery Statistics. Accessed: 10/15/13. htm 4 Aquaculture, Resource Use, and the Environment a particular location. Water temperature determines whether a site is suitable for coldwater, coolwater, warmwater, or tropical species. Of course water temperature varies seasonably, and at some warmwater sites, it is possible to culture coldwater or coolwater species in winter and tropical species in summer. For example, tilapia can be cultured in summer and rainbow trout can be cultured in winter—although it has ◦ only been done in research—in central Alabama (32 north latitude) in the United States.

However, there is much more environmental concern over L. vannamei culture than I. punctatus culture for the following reasons: r Shrimp ponds tend to be sited in more ecologically sensitive areas than are catfish ponds; r Wild-caught postlarvae and broodstock have been used in shrimp culture, but broodstock and fingerling catfish have been farm-reared; r Compared to shrimp feed, catfish feed is very low in fish meal content; r Water exchange is not commonly used in catfish farming as it is in shrimp farming; r Shrimp ponds are drained for harvest of every crop (1–2 times per year); catfish ponds are drained for repairs at an interval of 6–10 years.

1986. A brief insight into the history of Bohemian carp pond management. In R. Billard and J. Marcel, editors, Aquaculture of Cyprinids, pp. 35–40. Paris: Institut National de la Rescherche Agronomique. Boyd, C. E. and C. A. Boyd. 2012. Physiochemical characteristics of ponds. In J. W. Neal and D. W. Willis, editors, Small Impoundment Management in North America, pp. 49–82. Bethesda: American Fisheries Society. Boyd, C. E. and A. A. McNevin. 2011. An early assessment of the effectiveness of aquaculture certification and standards.

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