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By Adamyan V.M., Arov D.Z., Krein M.G.

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Example: warmth destruction anger FIRE passion purification enlightenment Just about any idea or emotion can be illustrated using concrete images. Likewise, a single concrete noun can invoke a surprisingly complex range of abstractions. Good writers exploit the relationship between concrete and abstract language by remaining attentive to the subtleties of both. 27 WritersDiet Test example 2 How are names for new disciplinary fields coined? Here a new (and fun) way to look at the history of such coinages is proposed, focusing on how phonesthemic tints and taints figure in decisions to adopt one type of suffix rather than another.

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Approximation of functions of class L by functions of the class H+C by Adamyan V.M., Arov D.Z., Krein M.G.

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