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Slaves also served their owners and did not own land, but they were not free. They became slaves for several reasons. For some, slavery was a punishment for a crime, such as theft. Others became slaves due to unpaid debts, and still others were captured during war. During times of extreme hardship, such as a drought or famine, parents sold their children into slavery. Slavery was a temporary position though, and freedom could be bought back at a later time. indd 44 10/28/14 1:33 PM for their masters for no pay.

Indd 33 10/28/14 1:33 PM Tax collectors had an important role, making sure each community paid its tribute in full at the required times of year. Failure to pay a tribute could result in death or destruction of property. The tax officials carried tribute goods back to Tenochtitlán, where they were used for the empire’s needs such as religious ceremonies, or sold at markets or given away as gifts. The amount of the tributes increased over time, leading to resentment among some of the city-states.

They owned land and received tribute from the lower classes. The status of nobility was passed on through family lineage. Nobles could also display their wealth through their appearance. They wore fine jewelry and elegant clothing. Only nobles could wear cotton garments, shoes, and certain colors. For example, only Montezuma II could wear a turquoise cloak. The nobles owned art and had large houses and Aztec Beauty and Hygiene Cleanliness and looks were very important to the Aztecs. Many bathed at least once a day, using certain fruits and roots as a kind of soap.

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