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By Joe Griffin, Ivan Tyrrell

ISBN-10: 1899398961

ISBN-13: 9781899398966

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We got down on the floor together and I produced a bowl of little coloured glass stones, which I keep in the room along with other potentially useful oddments. I encouraged her to use her creativity and make a river from the stones to wash away the rest of the words. It was a very pretty pink, blue and green river. I then found an empty pot, put it in the middle of the river and asked what we would put into it, as the remaining bad words. She looked around and chose pot pourri I had in a bowl. Some of the pieces were long and curling.

Some valiantly claimed to feel a little better, but I felt that we had spent our time simply stating the obvious (rehearsing the reasons for their misery over and over again) and not actually deciding what we could do about it. I even found I was becoming somewhat depressed myself. After all, I had been taught to feel with my clients, to suffer with their suffering, and so I felt miserable too. At that point I decided that I, at least, had to do something different. I trained to become a social worker, so that I could take some practical action to help people.

Jenny had now taken control over the voices with a cathartic experience - no anger, no anxiety, just all a part of her story. Back in the therapy room, we made a rainbow to go over the stream, removed the pot and I gave her a greetings card I happened to have bought, which had a fairy like Petula on the front, and we wrote inside it to commemorate the day the voice and words went forever. Goal achieved. " which, of course, we did. Jenny's mother told me later that people noticed a remarkable difference in Jenny instantaneously.

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