New PDF release: Achaemenid Persian Army

By Duncan Head

ISBN-10: 1874101000

ISBN-13: 9781874101000

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And let no them, one suggest that only now have I reached true understanding, and that like Epimetheus* I have realised David's nature only after the event; when he was sentenced to be sent to the Sicilian together that is, with Maurozomes,* as the spoils of war and the first-fruits of our destruction. Oh if only the Harpies* had disposed of him first in this way, before he had also destroyed us! my change of heart is In fact, not a recent event, but during the whole period of his generalship I was during the conflict, while the enemy were pressing upon us, querying his actions, reproaching him, pointing out his errors on each occasion and saying, even if to no purpose, what he should have been hearing from others, if they had spoken openly, and if the misfortune of their city had not closed their mouths.

T. 21 ttvo v cod. S. em. B. 26 navtexvo0 T. S. navtexvi5 M. 28 aavtexvfic T. The Capture of Thessaloniki 21 Manuel, who wore the belt of Protosebastos* and was closer to his sovereign lady,* the mother of the emperor, than the rest. Envy* crept up on him from this cause and, as they say, casting sidelong glances as if in a game of 'spin the sherd',* did not cease from at him the aim of achieving his twisting his varied coils against him with removal. And since this was the attitude of the leaders of the aristocracy, a robe of plotting was stitched together around him, enfolding him and enclosing him, to his sorrow.

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