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During this e-book, Mathias Albert develops an bold theoretical framework that describes international politics as a particular social method set in the wider political approach of global society. Albert's research of the historic evolution and modern kind of global politics takes the idea of social differentiation as its place to begin. international politics is a particular, particularly contemporary type of politics and Albert exhibits how the advance of a different process of global politics first started in the course of the lengthy 19th century. The publication is going directly to establish different types of social differentiation that underlie the range of up to date types of organizing political authority in international politics. utilising sociological and old views, A concept of global Politics additionally displays severely on its relation to debts of worldwide politics within the box of diplomacy and should entice a large readership in a number fields.

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19 The most prolific contemporary social theorist who tries to combine elements of both is Hauke Brunkhorst. However, while he thoroughly thinks through the consequences of Luhmann’s systems–theory-based understanding of functional differentiation and its implications, he remains with Habermas in the search for some form of integrating device that will hold together a (world) society driven ‘apart’ by functional differentiation; see, for example, Brunkhorst (2002); cf. also Albert (2014). The ‘world’ and ‘society’ in ‘world society’ 39 In everyday language, society remains strongly linked to the nationstate: while it is very common to speak of Russian, French or Canadian society, for example, it is far less usual to refer to North American or Asian, or Southern Portuguese or British Columbian society.

To the degree to which engagement with world history grew more complex in the face of an integration which was actually taking place, the social sciences turned towards specialised partial disciplines with objects of research which could be verified empirically. They dealt with all regions of the world as well, but preferred a partial approach, in contrast to a world history still dreaming about the whole. 2 While in both name and ambition world exhibitions claimed to represent the world, as they still do up to the present day, nation-states became more and more important over the years.

As there can be 1 2 That the theory of social differentiation is one of the areas, if not the area, which can most usefully be applied to studying world politics is also expressed in the choice of title for a recent collection on the subject: Bringing Sociology to IR. World Politics as Differentiation Theory (Albert et al. 2013). See also Stetter (2013) for a broader inquiry into possible points of engagement between sociology and IR. Yet this book is sympathetic with the thrust, if not the detail, of the argument that theorising on a larger scale should play an important role in IR (see Mearsheimer and Walt 2013).

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