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And then you have to draw pictures of plants and seed growing.... , “ Children dispersed again and did their job. With their essays and pictures I prepared a book on PULSE SEEDS AND PULSELESS SEEDS. A general introduction of pulse-less seeds written by children: “These are generally called as grass plants. These are having nodes. Roots are like fibres. The stem Is very lean and short. They can be fall down by wind. These plants give corn Leaves are long. When the seeds germinate, first leaves (pulses) wil1 not come out.

All schools, all children, all parents are trapped by the world of competitive examinations! All are in the clutches of competition and are competing with each other without knowing themselves!! We never tried to divide our children from the NATURE! How can we separate ourselves from the Nature? In fact, Nature is our actual teacher! The Nature, the environment is giving and teaching a lot for us! In return we have to contribute to the environment! So, we have to learn from the NATURE! the chi1dren, but not impossible!

They like to move, quarrel, tease, fight..... This method gave such opportunity to them. , or sugarcane - They enjoyed the freedom in, this WORK! As we think this is the, first step towards moulding their carrier! When they returned they said with large eyes: “Anna! We went there, the farmer rebuked us - we were fearful.... ” “Anna! We went there, the farmer asked us to sit on the bund. ” After interviews,, they collated the information in the science classes, and prepared essays on paddy, sugarcane, cotton, maize, beatle nut, ladies fingers, brinjals, turmeric, beans etc.

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